Your Health & Wellbeing Matters to you, so it matters to us

Good health and wellbeing has never been more precious than it is right now. What matters to us is looking after you as much as we can.

Wellbeing Matters offers a range of health and wellbeing based products and services for individuals and businesses; supporting you to feel better at home and at work.

At the centre of Wellbeing Matters is a free online application which provides personalised exercise routines, healthy eating advice and a host of other tips to help you feel better.

Just as we support you in keeping your finances healthy, we also care about your personal health and wellbeing.

See it for yourself

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Everyone benefits from a healthier workplace. Employees can benefit from advice on how to look after their health & well being as well as health-focused employee benefits.
From free healthchecks, Employee Assistance Programmes to Group Income Protection and much more, check out how you can help your employees to say iFeel Better.